Bystronic partners with Napoleon Machine

Bystronic Laser Machine

Bystronic is a global leader in high-quality sheet metal processing machinery. The Swiss company, headquartered in Niederönz, has been manufacturing laser machines since 1985.  Switzerland has a proud tradition of quality manufacturing, which is evident in each Bystronic part.  From precision welding to flat linear guide rail machining, every process requires high-tech tools and strict process controls.  

In 2018 the Swiss company began building its new American supply chain.  This decision required a thorough vetting of high-quality suppliers, such as Napoleon Machine.  A fabrication, CNC machining, and wet paint service provider.  The two companies spent a fair amount of time and money getting ready for the production process.  For example, Napoleon Machine invested over a million dollars in support of this new partnership.  Also, Bystronic sent fabricators and machinists to Napoleon Machine to teach the “tribal knowledge.”  In other words, to teach best practices that are not on the prints.

Bystronic quality extends beyond their product.  Management and employees display a quality of character and culture that isn’t easy to find these days.  Napoleon Machine Owner Kevin Febrey has the same cultural vision for his company.  He instantly saw the similarities, “We hit it off from the very beginning, when I traveled to Switzerland and saw what they were doing and got a feel for their culture, I knew we would have a strong and lasting partnership.” Bystronic has made a three-year commitment to Napoleon Machine, and both parties believe that commitment will continue to grow.

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Our quality and S/R team prepare a Bystronic part for shipping. As you can see, we provide white-glove service on every painted part. The smallest scratch will send it back to the paint booth. Our Conestoga carriers do a great job treating the product like it is their own.

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